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 Gerry Pirani



Author Bio 

The study of spirituality and human nature are turned into grist for the creative mill in Pirani's works of romantic literature. Taking knowledge of love and relationships, Pirani's lifelong dream is to raise consciousness about the assumptions we make of ourselves, the world, and each other. Through fiction, we can increase the mindful living and mindful loving everyone's talking about these days. The author of The Search For Intelligent Life on Earth series, Pirani is also happy to branch out with novellas of varying sizes to introduce new characters, places, and experiences.


     The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth:  A Story of Love is a literary, debut novel and the first in a  series of books to challenge conventional belief in  limitations, especially in regard to love and being-ness. It  strives to spark the imagination into envisioning a  grander version of life on Earth. The series is intended  for readers 18 and  older.

     Book One, A Story of Love
 Love, sex, and the search for meaning fuel this riveting  novel that depicts a group of young gay men as they  attempt to navigate life and relationships. It spans three  continents and introduces the reader to questions of  identity, transcendence, and redemption.