Up and Coming Releases

​​​​​​The Search For Intelligent Life On Earth Series:

Book 1 of trilogy,A Story Of Love, is a literary novel (approx. 102,000 words) dealing with sexuality and spirituality. Released May, 2014.

Book 2, Surviving Fortune,is currently being edited. Also literary, this novel (approximately 112,000 words), delves into human relationships as it challenges us to pierce through the veils of our preconceived notions about who we are. Anticipated publishing: the end of 2018.

Book 3of the trilogy revisits the nature of reality as it is introduced in the first novel. Currently being edited; publishing date TBA..

Currently, Pirani has 4 companion novellas written to coincide with the trilogy. The first two will follow book 2 and will explore characters who play important roles in the lives of the trilogy's protagonists.

KYLE: LGBT genre novella that will be in e-book form (approximately 34,000 words).

LOUIS:An adult fiction novella that will be in  e-book form (approximately 27,000 words).

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